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‘Prudence’ is designed with a completely fresh philosophy and offers excellent ergonomics, an energetic performance without sacrificing details and accuracy. It's unique geometry combined with a Type 4-Litz set up enables the Silver Plated Copper to smooths treble extensions while having a visceral bass response. Augmented by a Kevlar core, the "Prudence" is resilient while ensuring the structural stability of extremely high strand counts.  

FlexiMax Insulation™

Eletech’s FlexiMax insulation is a bespoke customized medical grade PVC insulation that has excellent tensile strength with superior flexibility. The need for the insulation customization stems from Eletech use of higher strands wiring internals (24awg internal wiring with market common 26awg outer diameter).


Eletech’s cable materials all undergoes a Cryogenic process that goes down to -195 to -196 Degrees Celsius. Usual Cryogenic processes requires the cooling to goes down to -190 Degrees for materials stabilization to take effect. The processes undergo a 3-Step process of “Ramp Down”, “Soak” and “Return to Ambient” over the course of a week to ensure materials stability and reduction of minerals and stresses.

Soulful & Musicality

The “Prudence” was the final piece we developed prior to the official launch of the brand. With the “Prudence”, Eletech’s team experimented and challenged ourselves to create an entry product that shares similar tonality and DNA with our flagship “Iliad”. We took apart the “Iliad” at it’s foundation and endeavored to construct a product with a striking resemblance in tone, tonality as well as musicality. The end result was the a highly customized Silver Plated Copper that is an embodiment of soulful, energetic musicality.



Flawless OCC Silver Plated Copper

Extreme high strand counts

Hybrid Type-4 Litz Geometry; Kevlar Resilient Core

Cryogenically Treated

Eletech Customized connectors and Y-split

Individually Enameled strands

FlexiMax Insulation™


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