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QED XT5 power cable


QED XT5 power cable

XT5 utilises the proven and acclaimed X-Tube technology of QED’s award-winning loudspeaker cable ranges, and applies it to the specific requirements of a mains power cable.


X-Tube technology
The braided individual cores in the live and neutral conductors are made small enough to resist eddy currents from adjacent cores, and as a consequence do not contribute to the ‘proximity effect’. The carefully calculated twist-rate of the individual strands ensures no two conductors are parallel for more than a few millimetres, furthering promoting even current flow at any and all frequencies. The separate bundles are individually isolated using K130PVC (to stabilise current capacitance and to exceed international safety standards), and cable inductance is controlled by giving the entire arrangement a hollow LDPE core.
Ferrite insulation
QED Reference High Resolution USB features a unique integral Zn/Mn floating, ferrite jacket. Using a proprietary process, QED has been able to distribute this radio frequency absorbent material evenly throughout the cable by means of a specially impregnated inner jacket. It is included to absorb high frequency noise signals generated both internally and externally. It works to create a much quieter electrical environment in and around the cable so that jitter within the audio data stream is minimized.

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