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Raven Gold Limited Edition


Based on the successful experience and genetics of Odin and Odyssey in multi-unit hybrid structures, Empire Ears repeatedly tested and adjusted the four-hybrid unit framework, finally fully integrating their advanced unit technology, equipped with patented synX dispersion technology, and using the new "H.R.C. harmonic resonance core structure" , Lay out a perfect acoustic stage with careful arrangement. With the wisdom and foresight of a crow, it brings forward-looking audio technology and unique interpretations of the original sound to the market.

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Quadbrid Design

With the foundation of developing the "Quadbrid" unit framework, the ambitious acoustic design team decided to take another step forward, with the goal of pursuing innovative technology and pushing the limits of unit performance, through more than 30 years of rich experience in acoustic engineering techniques, to further refine the complex and precise "Quadbrid" structure. In order to develop revolutionary new technologies with the greatest degree of freedom, earphone production is carried out in small batches by ordering earphone units from unit manufacturers, demonstrating Empire Ears' rigor and lofty ideals in technological development.

Raven adopts a complex and precise "Quadbrid" configuration. It uses Empire Ears' proud Weapon X bone conduction unit, continuing the heart-stirring Weapon 9+ ultra-low-frequency dynamic driver unit. It is matched with five Knowles and Sonion custom-made moving iron units and four upgraded Sonion ultra-high-frequency electrostatic units. It is equipped with the new generation of intelligent electrostatic unit combination - EIVEC MKII.

Empire's First Custom Metal Faceplates

For the first time, Empire Ears adopted industrial-grade 316L stainless steel metal faceplates for Raven. The faceplates are CNC cut with high precision, and then the metal surface undergoes a metal vaporization process in a vacuum environment to form a durable PVD coating layer, which is then hand-polished.

The faceplates are also engraved with the mysterious Odin's eye totem and Empire's signature logo. As the light refracts, the faceplates will produce different light and shadow effects, emanating a subtle luxurious nobility. Empire Ears will also launch a limited global edition of 400 pairs of "Golden Raven" gold-plated faceplates, showcasing a lavish golden splendor. The standard version adopts a deep and steady glossy black faceplate.

This stainless steel metal faceplate not only creates a mysterious image for Raven, but its high rigidity and high density metal characteristics also greatly reduce distortion problems caused to sound during unit resonance. It synergizes with other earphone components and cavity structures to fully unleash the performance of the Weapon X bone conduction unit, providing clear and delicate sound imaging across the entire frequency range and presenting sound details with a sense of depth.

Harmonic Resonance Core

When designing multi hybrid earphones, different units have different resonance characteristics due to their unique sound generation principles and structures. The resonance generated when different units vibrate will be amplified or weakened at certain frequencies. When exceeding the resonance frequency of earphone components, these components may produce nonlinear responses and generate unnecessary harmonics, leading to sound distortion or problems where certain frequency bands are missing, affecting the balance between the three frequencies and making the sound muddy and disordered. In order to properly handle the complex unit structure, the design team specially crafted the "H.R.C. Harmonic Resonance Core Structure" for Raven by adding a special polymer layer plate between the panel and outer shell. It channels the resonance echoes generated when different units vibrate and converges them within the internal polymer layer plate, thereby absorbing and dissipating excess sound wave energy, and then enhancing the harmonic resonance effect through the stainless steel metal faceplate, thereby improving the depth, expansiveness and clarity of the bass and highs.


Empire Ears once again collaborated with PW audio to produce an exclusive cable for Raven named "R7", in commemoration of the brand's seventh anniversary, an important milestone, and also symbolizing the brand's seventh iteration.

The cable material uses a specially developed dual-conductor single-crystal copper structure, incorporating 26 AWG 4-core conductor and 25 AWG outer conductor layers. It fully unleashes Raven's full potential. The splitter and plug parts use exquisite rhodium-plated 4.4mm balanced plugs, paired with velvet black metal protecting sleeves.

Sound Signature

Raven's tuning style leans towards a bright style that is loud and clear. The overall timbre is transparent and unhindered, with a huge amount of information, and the soundstage is spacious with a strong sense of depth. It possesses finely woven dense sonic texture. The separation, transients and even microdynamics have reached top-tier levels, giving Raven superior adaptability to different musical genres. With its proprietary "H.R.C. Harmonic Resonance Core Structure", Raven can fully unleash the performance limits of both the electrostatic and bone conduction units, lifting the layers and extensions at both the low and high frequency ends to unprecedented heights. The highs are luminous yet non-invasive, with an elegant sheen that catches the eye. The bass quality is also unimpeachable among Empire Ears' flagship models of history. The impact crafted by Raven does not come from an overwhelming fullness of low-end volume, but rather the profound low-end submersion and sense of layers, allowing one to finely hear the rich thickness and resilience of low-end instruments like drums and double basses, underpinning the atmospheric texture of the entire frequency range. Whether listening to classical music, rock or pop, one is surely immersed in the melodies.

Raven Gold Limited Edition


- Dual Weapon 9+ Subwoofers
- Five Precision Balanced Armatures
- Weapon X Bone Conduction Ultra Driver
- Quad Electrostatic Tweeters


2Ω @ 1kHz

Frequency Response:



108.1dB @ 1kHz, 1mW


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