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RISE, SORA Audio's debut earphone, embodies the brand's core vision and ideology. It combines a novel design concept and the company's new explorations, laying a solid foundation for SORA Audio's earphone manufacturing endeavors.

The RISE's pure design philosophy aims to deliver a sound experience that faithfully reflects the unique tonal preferences of the tuning engineers, guiding users to gradually understand and appreciate SORA's singular pursuit of audio quality.

RISE integrates a series of the brand's new innovations, including a 3D-printed unibody shell and acoustic conduits, achieving outstanding structural stability and an exceptionally high level of production consistency. This culminates in a truly unprecedented, premium listening experience for the user.

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Ergonomic Design for an Exceptional Wearing Experience

The RISE's shell design incorporates ergonomic principles, refined through numerous 3D-printed prototype tests to craft a precise, Hong Kong-specific ear-fitting form. Utilizing advanced 3D printing technology ensures consistent dimensional accuracy, delivering superb comfort and secure fit for the user, whether stationary or in motion, for extended listening sessions.

Unibody Resin Acoustic Conduits Minimize Audio Signal Loss

The RISE employs a 3D-printed unibody design, integrating the acoustic conduits and the outer shell as a single piece, manufactured from resin material. Compared to traditional soft rubber conduits, the higher rigidity of the resin conduits effectively reduces energy dissipation and distortion during audio transmission, allowing more musical nuances to reach the eardrum intact. The unibody manufacturing process also significantly improves production consistency, reducing variations introduced during driver assembly, delivering an exceptional listening experience for the user.

Perfectly Integrated Multi-Driver Configuration Faithfully Reproduces Musical Details

The RISE utilizes a dual-driver crossover design, with a Knowles high-frequency balanced armature driver handling the treble, and an 8mm composite dynamic driver responsible for the midrange and bass. The ingenious pairing of these two distinct driver characteristics achieves broad frequency coverage, rendering the layering and dynamic nuances of music with precision, delivering an immersive, outstanding sonic performance. The application of electronic and physical crossover technologies, along with seamless transition between the drivers, creates a cohesive, enveloping soundstage experience.

Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Design

The RISE utilizes an 8mm composite dynamic driver, where the diaphragm is constructed from two different materials. The outer ring is made of a lightweight, highly elastic plastic, ensuring a full-bodied, powerful low-frequency output. The inner core, however, employs a rigid aluminum alloy material, delivering a transparent, pristine midrange tone that faithfully reproduces the textural details of music. This innovative combination of an inner-outer ring structure achieves a perfect balance in the low and midrange frequencies, with alluring bass impact and exceptional midrange resolution, providing a remarkably refined listening experience.

Thoughtful Pressure-Relief Design for Fatigue-Free Listening

The RISE features a unique pressure-relief channel design that effectively mitigates the discomfort caused by increased air pressure on the eardrum when wearing in-ear headphones for extended periods. The pressure-relief channel guides the excess air from the ear canal into the rear chamber and out of the earpiece, maintaining the optimal operating state of the dynamic driver while significantly reducing the pressure burden on the eardrum. This considerate design allows you to immerse yourself in music for extended sessions, enjoying the high-quality listening experience without any fatiguing discomfort.

Customized Cables Tailored to the RISE's Sound Signature

The custom-designed cable paired with the RISE has been meticulously tuned over multiple iterations, ultimately employing a high-purity, long-crystal LC-OFC copper core to complement the earphone's unique sonic character and ensure the highest fidelity of signal transmission. The cable jacket material has been specially selected for its soft, flexible properties, and hand-braided using a cross-weave pattern, which not only reduces microphonic effects but also enhances resistance to twisting. This cable design and weaving craftsmanship, custom-tailored to the RISE's sound signature, delivers outstanding signal-to-noise ratio and audio quality, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the pure essence of music.


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