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S60 Power Supply


The small form factor Antipodes S60 is a HSL50 power supply that can be used with any Antipodes music server that is externally powered. Not only will it transform an Antipodes S30 or Antipodes S40, but it will also dramatically upgrade legacy Antipodes DS, DSGT, Core or EDGE music servers. The improvements in refinement, resolution, dimensionality, dynamics and musical expression are dramatic.


It is important to note that the S20, S30 and S40 have been tuned for optimum performance with a very fast power supply. For low cost, an smps power supply is suitable. For much higher preformance, an S60 is ideal. While you can power an S20, S30 or S40 with a third-party linear power supply, you will lose some of the speed and excitement compared to using the S60.

The S60 may seem like an expensive power supply until you hear what it can do. One of the biggest challenges and biggest influences on sound quality in digital audio is the power supply. Some manufacturers use smps power supplies, and the result is musically lively sound but timbre and tone that is not natural. An smps has the speed needed in digital audio but its high frequency noise is its weakness. Some manufacturers use linear power supplies, and the result is ‘pretty boring’ – pretty tone and timbre, but boring delivery of the music due to poor presentation of the speed and timing that preserves the excitement and tension of real music. This is where the S60 (and the much larger power supplies used in the K Series) are unique – delivering the speed of an smps and the low noise of a linear power supply. The result with digital circuits is a critical part of the performance of Antipodes Music Servers.

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Mains Power IEC Inlet – User Switchable 110-120vac to 220-240vac

12VDC Outlet x2


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