[SCUTUM] AK380 + AMP Case


SCUTUM is genuine leather case finely designed for AK380 DAP with AK AMP combos. It is made of Italian premium quality leather brand Buttero’ s leather and every pieces are tailor cut that give perfect fit. All SCUTUM cases are carefully hand crafted in Korea, with the verities of vintage finishes that provide a classic and stylish protection on AK380 with AMP combo. The back of SCUTUM has a ventilation design and that could help to cool down the device and the front case body has a physical button for easy access
Italy’s Buttero leather
Buttero leather had high density and compact tissue, also Vegatable-tanned this leather feels really soft and smooth. Because of the high oil content, which adds glossiness of leather.
Ventilation design
Ventilation design and that could help to cool down the device
Made in Korea

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