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The earspeaker SR-009S which adopts second generation fixed electrode (MLER2)
is born this spring.

MLER (Multi-Layer-ElectRodes) is our company's name for multilayered fixed electrode established with SR-009.

SR-009S comes with 6N hybrid cable, genuine leather ear pad etc., and with the following improvements

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Sound element with new fixed electrodes

If the fixed electrode becomes infinitely thinner, the air resistance will be decreased and the permeability of sound waves will be improved. On the other hand, thinner electrodes are poor in rigidity and suffer from vibrations of their own and the sound becomes muddy. The SR-009S evolved further the electrode established in the SR-009 as the integration of present technology. The edges of electrode hole were smoothened through after-etching processing to reduce air resistance, and the permeability of sound has been much more improved. Moreover, gold plating processing with large specific gravity further decreased the electrode vibration. Finally, the sound clarity has been achieved by reducing the resistance of electrode itself.

Tough solid aluminum chassis

Tough solid aluminum chassis employed secures firmly the sound element, contributing to improve the clearness of sound. Furthermore, the case thickness has been reduced to the limit, making the flow of condensation-and-rarefaction air wave from the sound element more smooth.

Intensity has been increased by giving roundness to the "guard mesh" of sound element, which lowered the influence of reflection and improved the resolution of sound.



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