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A Work of Craftsmanship with a Warm, Lush Sound Signature - SUNLIT

Combining advanced driver technology and exquisite design, this in-ear headphone featuring a 10mm carbon dynamic driver not only delivers powerful bass performance, but also presents a refined, full-bodied, and naturally warm tonal character through SORA Audio's unique wooden chamber tuning and driver front-rear pressure balancing design.

SUNLIT embodies SORA Audio's relentless pursuit of audio quality and craftsmanship, offering audio enthusiasts a brand-new listening experience.

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10mm Carbon Dynamic Driver

The SUNLIT utilizes a custom-made 10mm carbon dynamic driver. Compared to traditional driver materials, the carbon diaphragm offers exceptional rigidity and responsiveness, enabling precise reproduction of musical details and delivering a clear, full-bodied, and dynamic sonic character.

The carbon driver also excels at reproducing the visceral energy of low frequencies, providing a profound, powerful bass foundation.

Artful Fusion of Resin and Wooden Chambers

The SUNLIT features a distinctive dual-chamber design, with a 3D-printed resin front cavity coupled to a precision-crafted wooden rear chamber. This configuration harnesses the unique acoustic properties of wood, using the wooden chamber to reflect and tune the driver's output, imbuing the sound signature with a warm, natural tonality.

This design also enhances the overall soundstage depth and layering, culminating in a refined, full-bodied, and soothing premier audio performance.

50:50 Chamber Balance Ratio

The SUNLIT features a carefully engineered front-to-rear chamber ratio of nearly 50:50. This unique design allows the diaphragm to move more smoothly and efficiently within the driver, ensuring seamless sound propagation and significantly enhancing dynamic response.

Through extensive tuning iterations, this chamber balance has been perfected to deliver an outstanding sound quality with expansive dynamics, powerful transients, and precise detailing, culminating in an exceptional auditory experience.

Pressure-Relief Earcanal Structure

The SUNLIT incorporates a pressure-relief earcanal structure design, effectively dissipating the pressure buildup within the ear canal when the earphone is sealed. This unique feature not only significantly enhances wearing comfort, but also mitigates ear fatigue caused by prolonged use, protecting the user's hearing health.

Additionally, this design ensures the driver's optimal performance in the sealed environment, achieving an exceptional level of audio fidelity and revealing the fine details of the original sound.

Artisanal Inlay Craftsmanship

The SUNLIT features an exquisite "artisanal inlay" design, where various types of premium wood materials are meticulously inlaid into the earphone's faceplate, showcasing a unique visual depth and layering. Each faceplate is precision-machined on high-accuracy CNC equipment, then painstakingly assembled, refined, and polished by hand, a process that takes up to 5 days to complete per set of faceplates.

This distinctive inlay craftsmanship not only exemplifies SORA Audio's pursuit of ultimate detail, but also imbues the SUNLIT with exceptional artistic value, making it a prized collector's item for both visual and auditory appreciation.

Bespoke Tuned Cables

The dedicated headphone cable supplied with the SUNLIT has undergone an independent tuning process, constructed with a six-strand braided design. This cable has been specifically tailored to complement the SUNLIT's unique sonic signature, allowing the driver to fully express its capabilities and deliver a refined, balanced, and richly layered high-quality listening experience.

SORA Audio's meticulous cable tuning and customization for the SUNLIT comprehensively enhances the overall audio performance, enabling you to fully immerse in the SUNLIT's unparalleled, exceptional sound quality.


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