T60RP 50th Anniversary Limited Edition


The T60RP 50th Anniversary edition is tuned based on the T60RP and features Fostex's RP diaphragm technology, which has been widely praised and supported by professionals in the industry. To provide users with an enhanced listening experience, the manufacturer has crafted the exterior using top-quality African Padauk wood, creating a brand-new RP sound experience.

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Housing made of African Padauk

The housing is made of African Padauk wood, prized for its rich reddish hue and excellent qualities. 
It is also known for being hard, dense, dimensionally stable, and having a beautiful surface, making it a preferred choice for crafting musical instruments like xylophones and guitars. 
When combined with the RP diaphragm, it provides an immersive listening experience with deep mid-low tones and extended clear high frequency.

Fostex's traditional RP diaphragm}

It has the RP (Regular Phase) planar diaphragm, which is made from a durable polyimide film with high heat resistance, etched with copper foil for improved performance. 
The driver unit, featuring a neodymium magnet, offers exceptional linearity across the entire frequency range, excellent transient response, and a high input resistance of up to 3,000mW.

Manufactured by Japanese Artisans

To facilitate more intricate hand assembly and novel acoustic tuning, Fostex has shifted the production process of the T60RP 50TH ANNIVERSARY headphones to domestic factories in Japan, ensuring the quality of the headphones. In addition, the headphones come with two types of earpads, synthetic leather and velour styles, allowing users to swap them out according to personal preference.


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