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This product is produced in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the birth of Fostex, which is carved from high-quality solid black walnut wood in a design reminiscent of traditional Japanese woodwork, and is made into an open housing while achieving reliable acoustic performance. This is a limited edition model. You can enjoy a new premium-feeling headphone that combines a "Japanese" taste with an excellent acoustic structure and is carefully assembled one by one at a domestic factory.

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Adopts a Biodyna diaphragm using ultra-fine biocellulose fiber material.

With a half-century of experience in headphone and speaker development, Fostex has chosen a 50mm large-diameter unit for the TH616. Compared to the commonly used 30-40mm ear cup units, the TH616 has a greater volume of air displacement, resulting in outstanding sound performance in terms of soundstage and low-frequency sensation.

At the same time, it also uses the Bio-Dyna diaphragm with an exclusive patent, whose structure is interwoven from acetobacter cellulose and carbon fiber. On the one hand, it has the high-efficiency energy conversion of metal diaphragms (aluminum, titanium), and at the same time, it has the delicacy comparable to paper diaphragms. Under these two advantages, the TH616 can maintain a high degree of analytical power even under large composition songs, allowing every detail to be excellently reproduced.

The internally high-repulsion neodymium magnet magnetic circuit, with a magnetic flux reaching 1 tesla, can bring excellent transient response to the TH616. Coupled with the Bio-Dyna diaphragm, it produces an outstanding synergistic effect, allowing each sound detail to be presented, thereby bringing a more natural sound performance.

Simultaneously, the shell surface incorporates an open port design, visually referencing the appearance of sunlight shining through tree crevices. This not only reduces the weight of the headphones but also minimizes unnecessary resonance, thereby enhancing sound reproduction.

In the joint operation of the large-diameter unit and the black walnut shell, the TH616 can reproduce every detail, especially excelling in mid and low frequencies. Whether it's the plucking of a bass guitar or the resonance of strumming an acoustic guitar, all can be accurately reproduced. Vocals are positioned in the middle and front, further enhancing the clarity of sound layers. Each instrument is also precisely positioned in the expansive lateral sound field, allowing users to enjoy a natural and authentic sound performance.


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