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Within the pantheon of Japanese acoustic technology, Fostex has garnered deep trust and support from the Japanese market for its exceptional product quality over the past fifty years. In celebration of its fiftieth anniversary, Fostex has continued the brilliance of its high-end headphone product line with the official release of a new flagship over-ear headphone model—TH808 this spring, following the launch of TH616.

The TH808 inherits the superior genes of Fostex's top-of-the-line headphone model TH909 on a technical level. It not only utilizes the patented Bio-Dyna diaphragm unit technology but also features high-quality black walnut wood for enhanced stability as the material for its housing. The open-back design incorporates aluminum etching components, with each aperture ratio and component precisely calibrated and fine-tuned. This creates a more natural and dimensional resonance space compared to typical open-back headphones. The meticulous combination of these details showcases Fostex's pride and commitment to advanced driver manufacturing processes while also presenting a unique Japanese woodcraft aesthetic. It also delivers an auditory feast for the user that is both natural and incredibly precise.

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Proud Unit Production Technology

The TH808 introduces Fostex's patented 50mm Bio-Dyna diaphragm units, whose diaphragm structure is a blend of the high-strength characteristics of bacterial cellulose and carbon fibers, creating a new type of material that is both lightweight and resilient. The quality and durability of this material have reached incredibly high standards, with an internal structure distribution that is more uniform than traditional diaphragms. This design has enabled the diaphragm's fiber density to surpass that of typical paper diaphragms by a factor of 1000, not only making the diaphragm texture lighter but also significantly enhancing its elasticity. This effectively reduces the internal loss of sound quality during transmission.

Furthermore, the TH808 headphones are equipped with a high-repulsion neodymium magnet circuit system, with a magnetic flux density of up to 1.5 teslas. This feature ensures that the headphones can provide excellent response capabilities and a wide dynamic range across the entire frequency spectrum. This powerful driving force enables the headphones to precisely reproduce the subtle nuances and clarity of mid to high frequencies, while also capturing the richness and depth of lower mid frequencies. This allows users to experience a sense of true presence as if they were in the live environment.

Crafting High-Fidelity Sound with Wood Artistry

Fostex brings years of profound experience in crafting wooden housing for headphones. By meticulously selecting high-quality solid black walnut wood as the base for the TH808's housing, and utilizing aluminum etching components at the open-back design, arranged in an alternating dual pattern, the appearance presents a variety of visual effects under different lighting conditions and angles. With precisely calibrated aperture ratios and finely-tuned internal components, along with the open-back design, the TH808 is able to create a pure and natural musical atmosphere, significantly reducing listening fatigue.

In order to highlight the consistently natural and high-fidelity sound style of the TH900 series, the TH808 presents significant enhancements in soundstage, clarity, and tri-frequency performance, along with superior responsiveness and transient behavior. Its high frequencies are bright and potent, the low frequencies deep with rich detail, and the mid-frequencies are handled with natural authenticity and smooth transitions. Particularly suitable for users who seek a high degree of detail separation and a sense of musical layering, the TH808 reproduces the truth and purity of music without sacrificing any detail.

High-Standard Headphone Cables

The TH808 headphones have opted for high-purity oxygen-free copper (OFC) as the material for the 6.3mm standard headphone cable, ensuring the purity and integrity of signal transmission. Additionally, the headphone cable and the detachable connectors on the headphones themselves are made with highly durable rhodium-plated terminals. These terminals are not only resistant to wear and corrosion but also provide a more stable connection, further ensuring the lossless transmission of sound quality.

Low-Elasticity Ear Pads

For the ear pads, the TH808 utilizes high-quality synthetic leather material that is not only delicate to touch but also durable. The low-elasticity ear pads inside the ear cups perfectly fit the user's ears, enhancing the stability of wear and greatly reducing sound leakage, ensuring the purity of the sound quality. Even with extended wear, there is no discomfort felt.




Φ50mm Neodymium Magnet / BIODYNA Diaphragm




25 ohm

Max Input power:


Frequency Response:

5 – 45,000 Hz




Leather pouch, Owner’s Manual


3m Y-type 2-pin (detachable connector rhodium plated)
Detachable terminal: 2-pin (rhodium-plated on the gold-plated base)
Plug: Φ 6.3mm gold-plated stereo standard plug


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