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The Green Line Headphone Cable



The Green Line universal headphone cable is an excellent choice for the amp collector as well as the adventure-minded audiophile. Utilizing high strand count conductors of both classic copper and silver-plated copper, this flexible cable delivers an engaging and musical sonic performance. Terminated to a balanced universal mini XLR, The Green Line lets you switch between sources in a snap. One adapter of your choice is included with each headphone cable.

Super Annealed - More than just Pure
Made from Silver Plated Super Annealed High Purity Copper (SXC) and Super Annealed CDA-101 Copper (CU)), there are few grain boundaries in the cable apart from just being pure. Thus, detail and intensity are both combined and revealing.
High Strand Count Conductors
The High strand count conductors offer very linear conductivity, maintaining a smooth natural sound.
Cyro-Fi Treated
The Green Line is treated by the trademarked Cryo-Fi cryogenic treatment developed by ALO, resulting in much better crystallization of metal atoms, delivering cleaner, natural sound.
Multiple Terminals for Your Choice
Audeze, HD 800, HiFiMan, Sennheiser HD650, 3.5mm TRS, 6.35mm TRS, 4-Pin XLR Balanced, XLR Balanced available for your choice.


Conductor Material

Silver Plated Super Annealed High Purity Copper (SXC) / Super Annealed CDA-101 Copper (CU))

Jacket Material

Extruded Rubber

Number of Conductors



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