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UX2000 Bluetooth Headphone


Final, a renowned Japanese audio manufacturer, is well-known for its consistent accolades in the prestigious VGP Audio-Visual Grand Prix, Japan's largest award in the field. Their high-end headphones have created remarkable works within the price range of over ten thousand yen. Among them, the over-ear headphone UX series has received high praise. The newly released model perfectly inherits the strengths of the UX3000 while incorporating the latest hybrid active noise cancellation technology, catering to various user needs in daily life. Experience the immersive world of music with the UX2000.

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A Comfortable Zero Noise Experience Anytime, Anywhere.

Whether you're relaxing in a coffee shop or on a long journey, the UX2000 offers a high-performance hybrid active noise cancellation technology. It utilizes microphones and efficient algorithms to analyze and cancel noise in real-time, actively detecting and reducing external environmental noise. This allows users to peacefully enjoy their music and minimize background noise.

Uninterrupted Music Enjoyment

The UX2000 headphones are your all-day music companion, whether it's for long hours of music enjoyment or during long flights, battery life is no longer a concern. The UX2000 supports up to 45 hours of continuous music playback and offers an impressive standby time of up to 200 hours. This allows you to effortlessly use them during long commutes, work sessions, or extended gaming sessions. With no need to worry about low battery, you can enjoy your music anytime, anywhere.

Low Latency Design

In competitive gaming and multiplayer online battles, the UX2000 headphones provide the advantage of low latency, ensuring perfect synchronization between audio and visuals. This enables you to receive more precise and real-time feedback, ultimately enhancing your overall gaming experience. Moreover, the headphones are also well-suited for various other scenarios, including watching movies, enjoying videos, and participating in online conferences.


Clear Conversation

UX2000 features high-definition ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) for superior call quality. With the clever utilization of Environmental Noise Cancellation technology, it effectively reduces background noise in various environments. Whether engaging in real-time conversations during gaming or making phone calls, it minimizes the impact of background noise, providing a clear listening experience.

purity, simplicity, and a sense of fashion

Both colors are neutral and versatile, catering to different styles and preferences. They provide users with endless possibilities for style coordination, allowing for effortless pairing with various outfits for outings or daily occasions.

Comfortable Wearing Experience

UX2000 is designed with a multi-directional support structure that allows for adjustments in multiple directions, catering to your individual head shape. Combined with its full-coverage over-ear design, it provides an incredibly comfortable and snug fit. Whether worn for extended periods of time, the UX2000 ensures that users can enjoy a perfect and secure fit, allowing for the utmost comfort.

Achieving perfection in technology

The design of the UX2000 not only emphasizes aesthetics but also focuses on practicality. The headphones are lightweight yet durable, featuring a matte finish that resists fingerprints and stains, keeping them clean and maintaining a professional appearance.

Convenient portability for an on-the-go music journey

UX2000 features a foldable design and freely rotatable ear cups, providing you with the convenience of easy portability. Whether you're heading out or traveling, you can effortlessly stow the UX2000 in your bag, bringing wireless freedom to your everyday life.

Product Specification



Continued playback


Communication Format

Bluetooth 5.3

Frequency Response

20 Hz - 20 kHz

Bluetooth code


Remote Control Profile


Standby time (approximately)

>200小時 (ANC off)

charge time


Battery capacity



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