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Viking Prestige


Viking Prestige features a Wizard-designed Hybrid 10-driver configuration including dual 10mm Dynamic Drivers, four Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers, and four Electrostatic Drivers.


Universal Fit

Viking Prestige : $33680

Viking Prestige with Prestige Plus Cable : $38680


Custom Fit

Viking Prestige : $38880

Viking Prestige with Prestige Plus Cable : $43880

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Build your own prestige

Build your own prestige block (colors will be more vibrant with lacquer).  Once you order your Prestige, we will attempt to build a Prestige using the block pictured.  Please note that some blocks fail during CNC process.  If such failure occurs, we will notify you and you can either choose another block or cancel your order.  Please note that all sales are otherwise final.  Typical build time is 6-8 weeks.

Block Option

Hi End Drivers

The Viking Prestige features two 10mm dynamic bass drivers for a full range of controlled sub-bass and bass, while four Knowles balanced armature drivers fill out the upper-bass, mid-range, and upper mid-range. Four electrostatic drivers provide lifelike upper-midrange, highs, and super-highs.

Prestige+ Cable

The Prestige+ Cable (2 Pin) is a 5N OCC and SPC Cable, featuring 78 strands, and was designed by Noble Audio specifically for the tuning of prestige earphones. Furthermore, the OFC and SPC Tinsel Wire, along with the Transparent PVC, work together for better insulation and minimize the interference for signal controls. This design enhances the best listening experience with clean, concrete and details.



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