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Vivid Cable


Noble Audio team visits different headphone exhibitions in order to communicate closely with users and explore their experiences. Most enthusiasts already have a fairly high standard of flagship headphones, and using cables to enhance the sound quality. Audiophiles have endlessly pursuit high quality sound standard, Noble, with the spirits of professionalism, innovation and experimentation, Dr. John takes the challenge of developing cable and launched a new flagship model -Vivid Cable to fulfill audiophile’s curiosity and their desire to surprise. 

Beyond expectations
Noble designed the Vivid Cable based on the opinions of audiophiles, hoping that Noble ’s first flagship headphone cable can improve the level of sound detail. The high, middle and low frequencies should be solid, and the space sense be realistically presented.
Brilliant sound
Improve sound quality , high frequency is more transparent. Deep bass dive and good resolution, excellent detail performance and tri-band equalization. Vocal more sweet, pure, transparent, natural, warm and enduring. The tone is full and natural, and the image separation is great!
Four alloy components
Vivid cable structure is that each core is made of a variety of different alloy components. The materials are OCC copper , copper-silver alloy and silver alloy , which makes the copper-silver alloy contain 3% silver, and finally silver-plated copper.
16 conductors
Copper-titanium alloy plug



OCC copper + copper-silver alloy + silver plated copper

Earphones Plugs


Player Plug

2.5mm &4.4mm


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