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VR2000 for Gaming


The majority of typical gaming earbuds and headphones often feature an overly emphasized tone, designed to heighten the impact of sound effects. However, this can lead to sporadic focus on the content. Moreover, when these emphasized sounds overlap, it can be challenging to differentiate them, making it difficult to demonstrate the benefits of practice and skill.

Final, however, has developed a sound quality design that allows each sound effect to be heard clearly and, even when these effects overlap, they can be differentiated. This is a result of their unique research in acoustical engineering. Consequently, it's possible to maintain high concentration while quickly 'reacting' to sound effects.

In competitive genres like fighting games, FPS, music games, and more, it's no exaggeration to say that the ability to 'react' instantaneously to sound effects can have a significant impact on the outcome of a player's game.

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F-Core DU

In order to achieve sound quality impossible at this price range, we newly developed 6mmφ [f-Core DU] dynamic driver unit from the scratch. To realize the brand new driver, we established new production facility overseas and newly designed not only parts for the driver unit such as diaphragm, voice coil, magnet, magnetic circuits, adhesives, but also the production masichinely used in the manufacturing process. As material for the driver front housing, rather than the traditional aluminum, we used brass, a material that is both highly resistant to the effects of magnetism and also boasts a high specific gravity. In order to increase the time response characteristic of the diaphragm, the voice coil employs a 30μ ultrathin CCAW, and a minimum of adhesive is used for assembly to thoroughly lighten the moving parts. Moreover, the diaphragms are neatly pressed in small lots of roughly 1/3 the normal size in order to constrain pressure deviation to a minimum and realize uniform shaped diaphragm with no deformation.

high-quality microphone

In addition to the highly responsive f-Core DU, the VR2000 for Gaming is also equipped with a high-quality microphone, meeting the voice communication needs of multiplayer gamers. This allows users to keep up with every battlefield situation in the fast-paced rhythm of the game, working towards victory with their teammates. The microphone also has play, pause, and volume adjustment features. Even during non-gaming times, the headphones can deliver an outstanding music experience for users due to their excellent positioning performance.

The Feeling of a Customized Fit

Based on the chassis design that serves as an ideal solution for the IEM that become established during development of the B Series, the VR3000 realizes a superior sense of fit. Whether or not earphones offer a superior sensation of fit is determined by the sensation of oppression. While at first glance it may seem correct to select an ergonomic shape and hold it in place with the elasticity of silicone, this always places pressure on the ear which creates an unwary burden and leads to the accumulation of fatigue. By limiting the area that comes in contact with the ear in contrast to an ergonomic shape that comes in contact with a large area of the ear, this product aims to achieve a sense of fit with no feeling of oppression. The green section of the diagram below (earpiece) is the 1st position, the blue section (Tragus) is the 2nd position, and the pink colored section (cavity of the concha) is the 3rd position which contribute to the ultimate stablity and fitting. For that reason, it is suitable for the ears of many different people. To the extent that there is no feeling of oppression at any of the points of contact, that makes for such a comfortable, superior feeling of a customized earphone fit.

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Final f-Core DU 6mmΦ 動圈單元






OFC Cable With Mircophone

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