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VR500 for Gaming


Final’s unit technology is highly regarded in the market. Based on research into the sound quality differences between “stereo” and “binaural” recording techniques, they have fine-tuned their own units. This not only resolves the discomfort and dissonance experienced by typical headphones in virtual reality (VR) environments but also led to the development of two distinct headphone models: VR2000 for Gaming and VR3000 for Gaming. These models emphasize spatial awareness and responsiveness, respectively. After the success of these two products, Final has democratized the technology, introducing the more accessible VR500 for Gaming to cater to a wider range of gamers

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Immersive and Spatial

Unlike the previous two models in the VR series, Final chose a 6.4mmφ dynamic driver unit to enhance adaptability across various types of video games. By utilizing a larger aperture size, they achieve a broader sense of space and deeper low-frequency response. As a result, VR500 for Gaming provides outstanding sound reproduction across different genres of gaming .

Highly comfortable wearing experience

At the same time, considering the need for gamers to wear for long periods of time, the weight of VR500 has been reduced to as low as 15g. It also adopts the unique earplug design from the previous E series, allowing the earplugs to be adjusted at multiple angles to accommodate different ear canals. This prevents the earplugs from deforming due to the pressure in the ear canal, which can cause sound distortion. When used with the brand’s own Type-E earplugs, it can make the transmission of sound frequency clear and accurate, making the details of the game clearly reproduced.


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