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Whatever your music source is, Whatever Zephyr is 

The Zephyr is Noble’s latest hybrid IEM. It utilizes a perfectly balanced mix of one 10mm dynamic driver, two Knowles BA drivers, and a three-way crossover. It has a very natural sound signature that is loved by professional musicians and audiophiles alike.

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Natural Timbre

Zephyr is a clear winner, providing a rich, colorful, exciting and engaging experience, with a huge three dimensional soundstage, extreme clarity, speed, and detail, warmth and musicality without veil or coloration and yet very forgiving of source electronics, which is a must in an IEM that will mostly be used with portable devices.

10mm Dynamic Driver

Zephyr delivered an intimate in-the-room experience, with a neutral but warm tonality and a hefty soundstage. The downbeat blues/jazz compositions were totally engaging making it hard to remember that you were listening to a recording and not a live performance in living room. 10mm dynamic driver provides the air and impact with satisfying sensation, bass is tight, clean, low-reaching and quick. Overall, you have never heard the track sound so analog and musical with no congestion even during passages where there were dozens of competing sounds.

New ear mold design

Zephyr’s ear mold design was formed by Dr. John, who used the ear molds of more than 13,000 customized earphones over the world as database, to calculate the size of the universal fit ear molds suitable for most users, comfortable to wear.

Black Matrix Faceplate

Dr. John picked the science and technology concept "Black Matrix" as the faceplate design under the black tone that is generally liked by musicians. The material is made of metal hexagonal honeycomb shape with black gold glitter, which can be seen under lighting reflection as special flashing effect.


Detachable cable with industry standard 2-PIN configuration (0.78 MM DIAMETER)



one 10mm dynamic driver,
two Knowles BA drivers



Shell Material

Resin Black Matrix Faceplate/ CNC aluminium body


2-PIN configuration (0.78 MM DIAMETER)/ Plug 2.5mm


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