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Now that it has become difficult to find good things from the search and reviews of cobblestone confounding, S’Next Co Ltd, which owns the Japanese audio brand final, makes use of the experience cultivated in contract development for major brands to create excellent products that are rarely encountered. It was born as a brand that can be realized at an affordable price.
The brand name ag comes from the ancient word "thank you" which means it is rare.

We will continue to develop products jointly developed by S’Next and excellent companies that have been engaged in contract development for major brands.

The lineup is divided into two, the K series with sound quality suitable as a sub machine for enthusiasts to guide when choosing a product, and the R series for those who seek affordability and ease of use. The K series is named after the old word "Kashikoshi" which means excellent. The R series is named after the cute and sweet old word "rautashi".