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"UZURA" is an upgraded model of "COTSUBU", which has been a long-time hit as a standard of simple completely wireless earphones since its release in 2021, plus noise canceling and natural external sound capture that does not make you tired. .

We have a lineup of seven color variations, and both the main unit and charging case are finished with an original snow powder coating that prevents fingerprint smudges. The compact earphone body that supports touch operation adopts "3D fit design" and can be comfortably worn in any ear hole. Equipped with an "auto pairing function" that starts pairing just by opening the charging case, and a "one ear mode" that automatically switches by simply returning one side of the earphone to the charging case. And the sound quality is a high-quality specification by the audio brand final. It is a natural sound quality that you want to listen to every day.

In addition to the basic performances of "sound", "feel of wearing" and "ease of use" required of a completely wireless earphone, the perfect earphone "UZURA" has been added with noise canceling and external sound capture.

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7 color variations

The standard color BLACK, the chic colors BORDEAUX and STEEL, and the pale dull colors MINT, BLUE MOON, SAND, and CORAL. We have added a new color to the line-up of 7 color variations. In addition, the original surface treatment "snow powder coating" is applied to prevent dirt such as sebum and fingerprints from sticking. The main body and charging case have a rounded form, so you can feel the softness and warmth of a tool that you touch every day, rather than the mechanical design of a so-called "home appliance".

The earphone body is a lightweight and compact type. In addition, the "3D fit design" is adopted, so you can comfortably wear it in any ear hole. As for the earpieces, 5 sizes of final's standard earpieces "TYPE E" that achieve the "supreme wearing comfort" are included. Since the SS size eartips are included, it fits comfortably even for small ears. In addition, the earpiece adopts a translucent type that does not stand out earwax. A sense of cleanliness is maintained even in trains where earphones are easily visible.

Equipped with noise canceling and natural external sound capture that does not tire you

General ANC (active noise canceling), due to its principle, affects the playback sound by causing time delays and muffled low frequencies. If you increase the effect of ANC, you may get "noy-cancelling sickness" from the feeling of pressure. UZURA is equipped with ANC, which in principle prioritizes sound quality and comfort without pressure. In addition, with the external sound capture function, there were many unnatural things that made sounds such as footsteps that originally sounded small, but with UZURA, it is possible to capture natural external sounds as if you weren't wearing earphones.

High-quality sound specifications supervised by the audio brand final

The sound quality of completely wireless earphones is often not focused on the speaker part, and the sound quality is adjusted by relying heavily on the equalizer on the software. It is the cause. In order to avoid such a phenomenon, the current situation is that many products are not well-balanced, such as by overemphasizing the bass. "UZURA" pursues the acoustic characteristics of the speaker so that the sound quality is sufficiently satisfactory even without a software equalizer, and then slightly corrects only the harsh high-frequency part caused by Bluetooth® with an equalizer. is taking With such technical backing, it achieves both powerful bass and clear vocals, realizing a relaxed and natural sound quality that you will want to listen to every day.

Product Spec

Product Name


Communication method

Bluetooth® 5.2

Reproduction frequency band


Supported codec


Correspondence profile


Continuous music playing time

Earphone body: Up to 8 hours
Case included: Up to 22 hours

Charging time

Earphone body: about 2 hours
Case: about 2 hours

Battery capacity

Earphone body: 45mAh
Case: 400mAh

Waterproof performance


Operation of Touch Control Panel

Cycling bewteen ANC ON, Ambient Sound and ANC Off

Touch for 2 secounds until beep, then release

Music Playback

Single Tap (L/R)


Single Tap (L/R)

Raise Sound Voulme

Double Tap Right Side

Lower Sound Voulme

Double Tap Left Side

Next Track

Triple Tap Left Side

Receive Call

Single Tap

End Call

Touch and hold for 4 seconds

Refuse Call

Touch and hold for 4 seconds



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