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Taking full advantage of the brand-new WARP system to generate a speaker like, natural and broad sound expansion.Lively and vivid presence of spacious sound created by combination of WARP system and patended technology SkIS.Feel the new sound localization and dynamism in your daily music.

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Quality Manufacturing from Japan

An aluminum is adopted for the housing part. You will experience natural and pleasing sound with light weight, stress free comfort. The highly reliable φ2.5 mm plug connection method adopted for the connection part. Original spiral cable is hard to get entangled, less breakage and excellent durability.

Feel the Soundstage -

Cross mix specific frequency and sound level from L to R, R to L creating widen sound field. An acoustic circuit essentially effective for earphone.

Deliver the Genuineness -

SkIS is a 6kHz sound suppressing system which is carefully designed and achieved by the spatial volume behind diaphragm, the venthole on driver frame and spatial volume of driver cap.The air behind diaphragm acts like a spring supporting diaphragm vibration. SkIS carefully suppresses air movement behind diaphragm which acts on 6kHz sound range only and not effecting on other sound ranges.

Recreate the Preciseness -

An unprecedented sound adjustable system in the sound nozzle at the end of production assembly for a precise balancing of L/R for a precise sense of sound position.


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