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Creation Signature S Speaker Cables


It incorporates the techniques of traditional Creation Series, with the addition of greater sophistication and abundance, to subtly express the subtle nuances of sound. For existing Creation fans, the color and stage sense of the S series are said to be the best harmony of the sound.

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Multiway Transfer method

Maximize signal transmission by using a variety of insulating cladding mix including Teflon, urethane, and silicon.

It is a technology that represents by Hemingway cables and is called “multi-way transmission method” that responds to skin effect by separating conductors in charge of transmitting frequencies. In other words, the transmission distortion by frequency is reduced by dividing high, low, and ambience into separate lines (3way).

Evolved to be traditional “three-way” transfer to the “creation s’ series”, “four-way” and, most recently in the “Z-core’ series” extended by five-way. Counter electromotive force, using another a “channel 1” to compensate for the low frequency energy. Data transmission and amplification to return to the way we pay me to add low frequency on the cable channel.

If a cut off occurs through a capacitor filter of an amplifier due to a weakness of a network speaker, a low speed that is lower than the original sound is output due to a loss in a small business. To solve this problem, one channel is added for low loss using weight power to give compensation in loop.

Three-wavelength / Five-wavelength Structure

The air insulated double coverings, the space between the two coverings, the foaming silicon, as well as the “ring” of the exterior covering are thoroughly considering a Hemingway cable. It applies cutting edge technology, which can separately send the main key and harmonics in three wavelength and five wavelength format.

FMCF technology

FMCF is the ‘principle of frequency modulation reproduction’ is Hemingway’s proprietary technology that combines frequency and magnetic fields by creating a gap in the insulation of a cable in order to offset the electromagnetic field and the barbell generated by the impedance, which causes a huge loss in the signal.

With data obtained through 13 years of experimentation, the desired sound quality and band balance are adjusted freely to achieve sound quality that has not been heard on existing.

  • Adjust the resistance of the signal through the conductor.
  • Control frequency and magnetic field by freely adjusting the cladding perforation.
  • Significant improvement in tone rhythm transparency, noise, and elimination
  • Controls the cycle of magnetic fields using perforation.
  • Technology for integrating frequency and magnetic field at the same time.

Technical Specifications


Creation Signature S


Copper, Silver - Gold alloy

Outer Shield

Teflon, Urethane, Silicon, Nylon net





FMCF (Frequency Modulation Cavity Fundamentals)


Three/Five wavelength


Six-layer shielding

Transmission System



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