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The K41 includes just the Server engine from the K50. This allows customers to begin with a K41, playing to the Ethernet input on their DAC, and to upgrade later by adding a K21 (for USB output) or K22 (for USB and reclocked synchronous outputs S/PDIF, AES3 and I2S). Shifting the Player and Reclocker roles from your DAC to the Server improves the architecture of the total solution to lift overall sound quality.

Antipodes Audio’s solution design

Why do I need a high-end music server/player?

"It’s meaty, dense, smooth, and full-bodied, as well as upbeat and toe-tappingly rhythmic, and beautifully liquid and continuous."

[K41+K22] "Everything sounded just right, utterly realistic, and always with an inner soulfulness that made me connect with the music ever so effortlessly."


The K41, with G4 Oladra technology, offers the ultimate in Server performance, to transform the performance you are getting from your streamer, making the K41 a great entry point to our range if you are confident that your DAC has a high performance Ethernet input. You can upgrade for even better sound by adding a K21 or K22, and reach the same level of stunning music-making ability as the K50.


The Server engine in the K41 is identical to the one used in the widely acclaimed K50. The only output option is via Ethernet, but in addition to being able to stream to streamers on your network, you can stream direct from the K41 to your DAC. Connect your K41 to your network and connect your DAC to the K41 - this connects your DAC to your network and the direct link to your DAC provides the ultimate asynchronous connection for your music.


Vibration treatment is important in any high-end audio system, and any serious system is placed in a well-engineered rack. The same should apply to the equipment cases. They should be just as well engineered to deal with vibration, and we take that very seriously in every Antipodes model.

We also put a lot of design effort into the footers used on the Oladra, and this has trickled down to the benefit of all of the K series models in 2023. The footers include a special polymer that is specifically designed for vibration control, and the very detailed specifications provided by the manufacturer of this material allow us to precisely calculate the thickness to be used in each instance so that the pressure applied to the polymer is always precisely what is required for optimum vibration control performance. In the Oladra and the Performance Series the Polymer is used in a constrained layer damping design that makes it possible to tune each separate footer even more precisely to its optimum pressure, and allow a very small contact area with the equipment rack.


The following Server applications are pre-installed.

  • Squeeze Server 
    - customised version of Logitech Media Server
  • Roon Server 
    - industry-leading user interface and feature-set
  • HQPlayer Server Embedded 
    - industry-leading digital signal processing
  • MinimServer 
    - industry-leading DLNA/UPnP server
  • MiniDLNA 
    - light-weight DLNA/UPnP server
  • SONOS Server 
    - makes your music available to a SONOS network
  • PLEX Server 
    - widely-used and industry-leading a/v media server

Each Server application can play to compatible Streamers on your network. Both Roon Server and PLEX Server can also make your music available to your mobile devices on the move.

You can enable or disable as many as you need with a single click each, and they can play music concurrently. For simplicity, each application is pre-set to play from a common music library. Simply use the Antipodes File Manager application to drag and drop files to the Antipodes music library, and to include any directory on your network in the library. All music in the library becomes automatically available to all Server applications.


The table below summarises the Player(s) that can work with each Server.

Server Application Player Applications
Squeeze Server Squeeze Player
Roon Server Roon Player
Squeeze Player
HQPlayer Server/NAA
HQPlayer Server HQPlayer NAA
MinimServer MPD
SONOS Server No Players
PLEX Server No Players

Note that:

  1. Some solutions work differently, depending on whether the solution is on a single computer or spans two computers (the Server app and the Player app being on different devices), but the Antipodes Management Software (AMS) handles those issues automatically for you.
  2. Roon Server can be used with a range of Players, as shown in the table.
  3. MPD is also capable of playing music from a local library without the need to receive a stream from a server application.
  4. Antipodes music server/streamers do not have a SONOS or PLEX player application. SONOS and PLEX server apps are included for streaming to third-party SONOS or PLEX player devices.


You set the Playback Solution using AMS, which you can open from the Antipodes website, or using the My Antipodes application on your mobile device.

At the solution dashboard, click to display the Preset list (shown above) and click on the Preset solution you wish to use. In the same way, you can switch between Presets with a single click. In the image above, the K50 is currently set to use the Squeeze (Auto) preset and clicking on Roon (Auto), as highlighted, will change the Player application to Roon and the Server application to Roon, and you can then start using the Roon application on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone to play music.


Music Server

Direct Stream Ethernet Output

Slide-in user installable storage

3Bay SSD Slide-In (Up to 24TB)

Hardware Modules

Computing Engine (Server) - V6H






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