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People listen to music mostly on computers and smartphones nowadays.
In order to properly deliver the excitement of music,
the quality of headphones and earphones is absolutely vital and cannot be compromised.
We want to deliver the intentions and feelings packaged into the sound by the sound experts in the “as is” state to the listeners.
We want to create original “TAGO STUDIO” headphones by gathering needs and wants of top-end recording engineers as well as artists.
Our ambitions led us to ask “TOKUMI,” a headphone manufacturer with a long history based in Takasaki-City, Gunma-Pref, to collaborate with us and our story began to unfold.

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Silk Protein Coated 40mm Dynamic Driver

A high-performing φ40mm driver unit, which was specially developed for this product, has been installed in the driver unit. Silk protein coating, which is an outcome of collaborative research with Gunma Prefectural Textile Industrial Lab., has been employed for vibrating plates. This coating technique has been made possible by refining and dissolving traditional Gunma silk to fit the vibrating plates, which require a high set of skills. By combining traditional materials with a new idea, natural, beautiful and flexible sound quality has been realized.

Hand Crafted Wooden Faceplate

Domestic maple wood is used for the unique wooden part of the housing. This part is a work of art by Oak Village, who has been working with various types of woods for a long time, specializing in creating furniture as well as housing construction in Hida-Takayama. To make most out of its natural wood texture and to preserve the natural maple expressions and the warmth of nature, we made a point of keeping the design at the very minimal level. Maple wood is often used for musical instruments, and it gives out natural sounds, faithfully staying true to the original sound, which is exactly what you need for the monitor sounds. With state-of-art craftsmanship and carefully chosen materials, beautiful exterior as well as beautiful sound like never before have been realized.

Interchangeable Cable

T3-01 comes with a interchangeable cable design, where users could freely adopt different cables with ease.

Comfy Headband and Cusions

Headband and earpads on T3-01 are filled with soft cusions and flannel surface, providing you the best using experience ever.



Φ40mm Dynamic Driver




110dB SPL/mW

Cable Length



Φ3.5mm Gold-Plated

Frequency Response


Maximum Input

1000 mW




Φ3.5mm Cable,Φ6.3mm Adapter,Case


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