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As part of its commitment to a sustainable society, TAGO STUDIO has decided to launch the "Historic Phone" series of headphones that reuse wood waste.

This is a sustainable initiative to create new value by reusing wood that would otherwise be discarded as a material, based on the T3-01, which uses wood for its housing.

Our world is supported by many kinds of wood. The lumber that supports our lives and has served us for many years is filled with various histories and the thoughts of the people involved. Our wish is to deliver those precious memories with the best sound.

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Historic Phone revived

The first model in the "Historic Phone" series is a collaboration with Venture Whiskey, the makers of Ichiro’s Malt, the world's finest whiskey. This time, we have reused the scrap wood from the very valuable oak barrels that were used to make the whiskey as headphone housings. Some of these barrels have been used since the days of the Hanyu distillery, and have served their purpose for a long time, maturing the Chichibu distillery’s original whiskey. Some of these barrels have been used since the days of the Hanyu distillery, and some have been used again to mature the Chichibu distillery’s original whiskey.

Angel’s Share

Whiskey takes on an amber color after a long aging period of several years to several decades. In the process, the barrels breathe and the amount of raw spirit is gradually reduced, which whisky makers have long called "Angel’s Share" and is the motif of the angel design on the housing.

Silk Protein Coated 40mm Dynamic Driver

A high-performing φ40mm driver unit, which was specially developed for this product, has been installed in the driver unit. Silk protein coating, which is an outcome of collaborative research with Gunma Prefectural Textile Industrial Lab., has been employed for vibrating plates. This coating technique has been made possible by refining and dissolving traditional Gunma silk to fit the vibrating plates, which require a high set of skills. By combining traditional materials with a new idea, natural, beautiful and flexible sound quality has been realized.

Comfy Headband and Cusions

Headband and earpads on T3-01 are filled with soft cusions and flannel surface, providing you the best using experience ever.

Interchangeable Cable

T3-01 comes with a interchangeable cable design, where users could freely adopt different cables with ease.



Φ40mm Dynamic Driver




110dB SPL/mW

Cable Length



Φ3.5mm Gold-Plated

Frequency Response


Maximum Input

1000 mW




Φ3.5mm Cable,Φ6.3mm Adapter,Case


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